Montag, 30. April 2012

Hanami in Hannover

On Sunday I was at the Hanami (Kirschblütenfest) in Hannover. It was such a wonderful day and we took many photos (199 :D). 
                                    My outfit ♥ It was very hot, but I anyway wear only black :)

                      Ducky and Cynthia were with me. I like their outfits :3 They look so cute. 

And of course DENNIS :D Ducky and he swap their bags. I think the Code Geass bag suits Ducky or? There was a man starring at Dennis and smirking, because they forgot to change the bags back. :'D 

When we arrived, at first we searched my both friends Franzi und Liza. They were selling cute Decoden jewellery there *___* 
I helped them with arranging the rings and the bracelets, because there were so many visitors which were interested in their jewellery. :3

                                                 Liza and Franzi <3 I love their outfits :)

Finally I got my black/lila Lollypopring :3 I was thinking about buying more jewellery, but unfortunately I'm short of cash ^^"

When you are interested in their jewellery, you can find Liza and Franzi in Animexx or Twitter. 
Franzi (LadyJuice)!/_LadyJuice_

Liza (LizJuice)!/_LizJuice_

 Then we met a couple who gave us some japanese cookies. "Oh, but I think you are the real expert. You can read the japanese characters (japanische Schriftzeichen), can't you?" Ehhh, my panrets are from Vietnam? XD I knew this cookies, but just because of my japanese friend Mamina :3 
Ducky and the cookies


                                                         The wind chime of the couple

    Then we found OUR tree to climb and take photos. 
I looked at photos always a little bit "crazy" (Yeah, the beautiful photo of me in Ducky's blog XP), but not on this. ^o^

They were also some strang pieces of art. ^^" I'm not a big fan of Modern Art and I'm not really understand the message, but maybe someone of you can explain it me?

                                                        High Five, Diggah! :'D

Later a japanese lady wrote our names in japanese characters. When Cynthia was telling her name, she looked just like "Shit.. how should I write this?"  Afterwards I told her my name and she smiled "Mai..? Like the month?" HAI! ^o^
                                               From left to right: Mai, Dennis, Lisa (Ducky)

Thanks to my friends and the organiser of the Hanami! It was a funny and great day ^o^





  1. Wow! It's so cool that you have hanami parties there! We don't have anything like that here in Spain :(

    Oh, and you have a very cool group of friends! :D

    Love! xx

    1. Don't you have Anime/Manga Conventions or Visual Kei Meetings in Spain? That's shit :(

      Oh thank you :D

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