Dienstag, 24. April 2012

LM.C ~ Be Strong Be Pop

Yesterday I got my Strong Pop Limited Ducky Edition ^o^ I love the new album of LM.C and the songs are just amazing! My favourite song is Game of life <3
But waiiit... Ducky Edition? Yes, my dear friend Ducky bought Strong Pop Version A and B, so she needn't one music CD. I bought this music CD and  now I have a Strong Pop Limited Ducky Editon. 

 (Yes, it is the photo from her blog XP I was too lazy to take a photo of it)

(I'm sorry about this bad quality, but my camera is broken. My webcam couldn't take a good photo, because of the light reflection ^^")

"Liebe Mai, Nun hast du endlich deine STRONG POP-Ducky Edition - ohne Versand/Zollkosten!! Die kommt hoffentlich mit rüber zu den Inselaffen und wird dich immer an die coolste Sau der Welt erinnern x3x! 
Maiji       Ducky! xD "

Awww, she is so cute x3 Love this CD and I'll be a great memory of the "coolste Sau der Welt" in Great Britain ;)



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