Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

Just 23 days till my departure ♥

Hello :) ♥
I'm sorry that I didn't write something for a long time, but I feel like nothing special happened to tell about. Now I've summerholidays and there only 23 days till my departure. 

For all people who do not know: I'll do a exchange year in England and I've been placed in the NortheastEngland. I phoned with my hostfamily very often and they seem all very nice. ♥
It is weird, but I still can't realise that I'll pass a whole year in England. It's a long dream of me and now it is going to happen ^o^

I began to pack my suitcase. The blue bag is from my exchange enterprise/firm and I have to take it, because so the exchange adviser can recognize me.

My sister was soo nice to me ;______; She present me with a iPod Classic 160GB and I'm so happy. I don't know why, because she said it is like a Goodbye-Present. 
And yeah, when I took the photo, I watched  the video "Slash feat. Myles Kennedy - Back from Cali" ;D

On 20 August my GoodBye-Party is going to be and Ducky had the great idea to organise a little foto shooting before the Party in our city park :)
I heard from several exchange students, that they cried at this kind of Partys and maybe it sound a little insensitive/non-sensitive, but I won't cry. Of course, I'll miss my friends and familiy, but it's just 1 year. Moreover there are things like Skype, Twitter,  telephones ;), my Blog, E-Mails, etc.. where they can contact me. Maybe I won't answer so fast, because I have to many things, but I'll answer. So maybe it sounds very hard, but I won't cry. ^^" Not at this Goodbye-Party and not at the airports..

I think that is all, what I can tell you at the moment. I'll write more often when I'm in England, so my friends and follower are informed how my exchange year is. 

This beautiful star bracelet is from my friend LizJuice (I wrote so often about her, because I love her jewellery&drawings, of course her character, too ♥) I love it and can't stop wearing it :D

I bought this Death Note T-Shirt SecondHand at kleiderkreisel.de Everyday I'm searching fo Anime/Manga T-Shirts, so you can imagine how happy I was, when I found this T-Shirt ♥ In the next weeks I'll post a Outfit photo. I promise ;)

Glumanda! Fire Attack! :o

                 Have a nice week ♥ ^o^


  1. Oh, I hope you enjoy your year in England! (^O^)
    Your new T-shirt looks cool ★

  2. Good luck! <3

    I'll follow your adventures from here ^^

    1. Thank you :3 ♥♥♥
      Alright, then I'll try to write regularly ^^ :)

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