Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Plastic Tree afternoon ♥

Today I meet my friend Ducky and Liz Juice ♥ Ducky and I picked up Liz Juice at our station and then we went to me. Maybe you already read it at Ducky's blog that she ate Chop Soey at our restaurant.

Then we watched parts of the Tent DVD and I love the scenes of the Free Live. It was so funny when the assistant cross this arms to show that the band have to stop, but Plastic Tree just continue playing their song ♥ Plastic Tree is the favourite band of Liza and it was so great to talk with her. She knows so much about this band.
The artwork is so beatufiul, isn't it?? x3 The most I like are the winged pigs and the eye in the middle :)

I really like this picture, because Liza looks so concentrated :3 She worked at some of her drawings while we watched the DVD.

Then she show us some of her drawings. Everytime we met, I'm always impressed by her drawings.. They are fantastic&beautiful, and they look much better in real life. Here are some of her drawings. 

Later then we went to our folkfestival/funfair "Freischießen" and we took a ride on a roller coaster. 
  Ducky got her LM.C rings from Liza and I think she is really satisfied with them ♥ I like the rings, too and maybe someday I'll a LM.C Ring or a bracelet, too..
Today I got also my first Sex Pot Revenge T-Shirt <3 Liza sold it to me, because she doesn't wear it anymore and red is not her colour.

So I bought it and I'm really happy about it. It is my first Sex Pot Revenge T-Shirt and I think it won't be my last. I really like this brand ♥

Because Ducky had to leave soon, Liza and I sat at the station and wait for her train.She showed me her sketch book and I'm still wondered what she calls a "sketch". Because my sketchs doesn't look like this :'D
We also talk about many things like Art, Fashion and of course about music, especially Plastic Tree.. I listened to some songs and I think I'll listen more Plastic Tree in the next time :)

When you are interested in Liza's jewellery or her drawings, you can contacted her at Twitter , Tumblr & Deviantart .

I'll wear my Sex Pot Revenge T-Shirt on Tuesday and then I'll also post some outfit photos :3

Hope you have a nice evening. 



  1. Yeah, I read it at Ducky's blog, but it's still funny to read it again from a different point of view ^^

    As I said there, I love your friend's drawings. She's got an amazing style! :D

    1. I told her that you love her drawings. She is really happy about this ♥ :)

    2. Thank you so damn much♥ I've a heartbeat attac after readind this comment ♥ I'm always trying my best to create new artcards and smbolic pictures with mixed media colours ^__^ If you want an artcard or have a wish, please note me ^_~


  2. thank you for following <3
    Your blog is really cute! :)

  3. I also like SEX POT ReVeNGe (^O^)
    It's great that you had a nice day o(^-^)o

    1. Yeah Sex Pot ReVeNGe is a great brand :D
      Thank you ♥♥♥