Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Goodbye, Germany!

Yesterday, there were my Goodbye-Party and I would like to write a big entry about it, but I.. just cannot. Of course, it was a wonderful evening with all my friends but my head is full of certain things like "suitcase, cabin-luggage, etc..." Moreover someone cried at the end, because we've to say goodbye and I feel strange about this ^^" I didn't cry and couldn't handle with the situation.. At the moment, I'm thinking about this situation again and again.... 
But don't worry about me. Everything is alright ♥ :)

So I just want to show you some photos of the Goodbye-Party and the presents... I'm sorry that I cannot write something about the Goodbye-Party ^^"

 The strawberry cake ♥♥ It was so delicious. Before the strawberry cake we also eat asian food, but I forget to take photos of it.. ^^" I'm sorry..

Cynthia/Chiisai sewed a dango for me.. ♥♥ It is really fluffy and I love it :3 I will definetily take it to England. But maybe now you're asking yourself: "Why did she sew a dango?" Because of this..
Do you know this song? It's the ending of Clannad and just wonderful ♥♥ :3 I'll try learning the lyrics of this songs.. xD 

Today I recognized that Danga was wounded,because.. "die Naht ist aufgegangen" (Don't know how to write it in english xD) So I gave him/her a band-aid :D
                                           This is LadyJuice  's present :3
A closer of the jewellery. It is handmade by LadyJuice  and I love it ♥ Can't wait to wear the bracelet ^o^

The Miyavi bag can be "transformed" (I like this word xDD) into a plastic sheet and I think I'll use it for school :)

 This is LizJuice 's present :) I don't know how to explain but it has a special meaning to me, because it should reminds me of my dreams and aims ♥♥ It is from the brand Pilgrim. 

I just love this photo of my dear friend Danie :'D ♥♥ She prepared a book where everyone could write something for me. I'll read it in the airplane. Moreover she gave me this friendship bracelet and I'll wear it everyday in Great Britain :)

 Maybe you already read it on Ducky's twitter account, because she gave me this wonderful book ♥♥ She bought it 4 or 5 years ago, but never read it, so I got it.. I'm soo happy about this book.. I mean, it is about AC/DC and I just love this band. :) I just began to read it and hope I can finish it before I'm going to England..

Yes, I'm a big fan of old/classical literature and I'm proud about it xD Because of this I got from Julia old lectures/dramas ♥♥ :3 Will read them and maybe I'll take some with in the airplane.. 

A guardian angel which should protect me :3 I got this from a very good friend of mine. I know her since the kindergarden and I hope our friendship will last a long time.. ♥♥♥

I just cannot write about this present ;_____; I got this from my friend Dennis and I just can't accept this present :o But after my graduation, I'll go to Rock am Ring (a big rockfestival in Germany). :D 

Here you can see all my presents :3 I couldn't post every present, because I feel it would be too much pictures ^^" But every present is very special to me and I won't forget it ^o^

 It was a remarkable and wonderful evening with my friends and we had very much fun ♥♥ Thank you! ^o^

Yesterday I also got some jewellery from LizJuice (like always xDD) and I want to show you. 

My iPod Case <3 I'm absolutely satisfied with this decorated iPod Case.. I just love every details :3 

Do you know this necklace? Maybe you saw it on LizJuice 's instagram or Twitter Account. She posted some Ammonite jewellery and I decided to buy one instead of the Death Note Necklace :D Since the Plastic Tree afternoon with LizJuice and Ducky , I began listening more Plastic Tree.. ♥ 
Later Liza asked me, if she should change the note, so...
I got a little piano ♥♥ :)

LizJuice and LadyJuice will open their OnlineShop "Melty Wish" in the next weeks, so I'll make a Review entry and will show you all my jewellery that I owned by them :) You can follow them on Twitter or Tumblr to check out their jewellery and find out when their OnlineShop will open. 

So that's all :) My departure is on 24th August, but I'll pass my weekend in a Camp in London. There will be other exchange students and in this time I'll have no internet.. So I won't blog in the next time, but I promise to blog when I'm at my hostfamily. ♥ 

Bye ^o^



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