Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Welcome in Great Britan!

Today I'll tell you how my first days in Great Britain were..

I woke up at 5am and it was weird.. I didn’t feel excited.. ^^” I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t realise that I’ll leave Germany for 10 months..
My departure was at 8:55am from Hannover and when I sit in the airplane, I took this photo.

 Goodbye Hannover! See you in 10 months :)
                                                  My case was so heavy ^^"

We arrived at 12:30 (Englisch time) in London and have to wait for other exchange students. Then we drive with the bus to the Camp in Winchester.
My room in the Camp looks like this

 Of course, I ate there dinner and met some other exchange students, but nothing special happents :)

The organiser put some lists on, where you could see with which coach you’ve to drive to the hostfamilies.. It makes me a little bit sad when I saw that someone will go to Stoke-on-Trent.. It is the hometown of Slash and Lemmy (Motörhead) and it would be so amazing to pass the exchange year there ♥ .... but alright.
We had some workshops with all exchange students and has to get in groups of 10. It was very funny, because our group didn’t take it seriously. XD We called our team “Esmaralda” and our dreamjob was “Princess of America” We wrote many “silly” things, but when the organisers collected it all, we WON xDDD
We got all a Lollypops.

Team ESMARALDA ♥♥♥ My Lollypop :3

Then I went with another german exchange student to the town Winchester, took some photos and I bought something..

Yes, finally I bought Lord of the Rings ♥♥ :3 The bookcase was so beautiful and I planned to read the book in English, so.. I bought it.. xD
I found this in Winchester, but I didn't buy it.. :/ It would be so perfect for my iPod Classic because I love Pandaaas ♥♥

I had to wake up early, ate Breakfast and then get in the coach. I sat together with some german speaking exchange students (Germany, Switzerland), but there were also a boy from Thailand. I gave him a “Kinderüberraschungsei” (my hostfamily called it Kindersuprise xDD) and told him that it’s chocolate and in the middle there is a toy.
For everyone who do not know "Kinderüberraschungsei :D

But then he just bite in the chocolate and was wondering why it hurts so much :’D This boy was so sweet. He was smaller than me, but very fashionable ♥ He said something that was just so important for me ;_____;
Me: Can I ask you something? Where are you from?
“Thailand. And you?”
Me: “I’m from Germany”
“Oh.. really? You don’t look like a German” He said it so honestly.. ;____; Nobody ever say something like this to me.. The most people just laugh and then say: “Noo.. seriously.. Where are you from?” But he.. Thank you so much for this sentece ♥♥ It means a lot to me :3
When we  had the first stop and he had to drop off, he didn’t recognized it.. I had to tell him that and then when he wanted to get out, he forgot this umbrella.
Me: “Excuse, you forgot your umbrella”
“Oh, oh.. Thank you very much! For the chocolate, for the information.. just for everything. You were very nice”
Me: “No problem”
Later, every german exchange student told me that it looks like I were the mother of this Thailand boy.. xDD
No comments to this sign xDDD 

At 17PM we arrived in my english town and I met my hostfamily consisting of my hostmother (63year old), my hostsister (29?year old) and my hostbrother (27year old). There is also another hostbrother, but he didn’t live her and he’ll move to New Zealand. I think I’ll meet him next week.

I was with my hostbrother in a very big Shopping Center.. I’m sorry that I forgot to take photos ^^” But  the next time I won’t forget.. I promise J He showed me some english shops, told me very much about the Center annd yeah.. All in all it was a nice day.
The rest of the day I sat with my hostfamily, talked with them and improve my english.

I don’t realise that I’m now in Great Britain and that I’ll be here for 10 months.. ^^” It feels so unreal.. Next week school will start&I can’t wait to learn.. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but I love it to learn and I want to meet some people in my age!! ♥♥

That is all at the moment :) I’ll try writing regularly about my exchange year.

Bye Bye


  1. Awww! Looks like you're having a nice time! I'm on exchange too in South Korea! I hope you enjoy England, and Hahahah yes! We call them Kinder Surprise! XD

    1. Yeah, I read it :3 South Korea is exciting or?
      I hope you enjoy South Korea, too ^o^ We'll have a great year ;D