Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

I'm now almost a month in England ♥

Hey ♥

I'm sorry that I don't write a Blog Entry for a very long time, but at the moment everything is just stressfull ^^"
I'm now a whole month in England and it still feels so strange. I settled down in my hostfamily and at school. I made so much friends and the free lessons&the Lunchtime is always very funny :3 ♥
In the next weeks, I'll write more often, because I now get used to the week rhythm :3
Some of my outfits in the last day:

 Piano Outfit feat. STORMTROOPER ♥♥ My Maths teacher loves my Stormtrooper Ring.. xD Everytime when I'm not wearing it, he is complaining.. Geek Power XP

Yeah, I got a Purikura App on my phone and always play with it.. xDD On the photo, you can see my new AC/DC T-Shirt :3 I really love the print and I was so happy, when I found it in a little Rock&Metal Shop.

Sex Pot Revenge ♥♥

The Ammonite necklace and the Ring are handmade by my dear friend LizJuice ♥

Now I want to make some recommendations. I really love the jewellery handmade by LizJuice and LadyJuice, and you HAVE TO check out their Online Shop MeltyWish :3
MeltyWish ♥
Moreover there are blogging now, too.. Have a look on their blogspots
LizJuice ♥ 
LadyJuice ♥  

At the moment I'm thinking about getting this old haircut again ♥It looked really good. What do you think?

Yeah, I think that is all. Next weekend I'll go to Newcastle, because I want to go SHOPPING :P and I want to see Chinatown and the Buddhistic Center ♥♥

Have a nice weekend! ^o^ 
 We have a Milkman here ♥♥♥



  1. That AC/DC T-shirt!!!!! *OOOOO*
    I want :_____________

    I'm very happy you're having a good time in England :D I hope it stays like that! :P


    1. Aww I love the AC/DC T-Shirt, too ♥♥ The Print is soo great :3 ô

      Thank you ^o^


  2. Hey Mai, ich hab dich für den Liebster Blog Award nominiert, guck mal bei meinem letzten Post rein und schreib mir ob du Lust hast mit zu machen♥