Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

Mai is back! :D

Hey :)

I know that I haven’t written for a  long time and I’m really sorry about that. Now I want to blog again, but in the last year I’ve changed a lot. Well, I’m still that nice girl who helps everyone and believe that all people are nice..

My blog is going to be about the conventions I’m going to, maybe some of my outfits but I also will upload poems, articles, comments and reviews about different things. Some of my followers might remember that I’m working at my local newspaper so I really need to practice more. So my entries will be in German but  in English as well :)

To beginn with, I'll post a poeam that I wrote some months ago:


Do you know…?

Do you know how I long for you,
whenever we are apart?
You’re always there to fight my fear
just by holding me near.

Do you know the sparkle in your eyes,
your laugh,your touch, your smile
make everything seem so perfect
If only for a while?

Do you know beside you I feel so strong?
You make me feel I truly belong

If only you could see
how much you mean to me

November, 2013

So that’s all for today. Please also check out my tumblr or twitter and feel free to give me feedback

Have a nice day ♥♥ 


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