Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Europen election - GO VOTE!

Tomorrow is the European election in Germany and it is also my first time to vote. Finally I’m 18 and now allowed to vote. But something that annoyed me in the last week is the attitude of non-voters.  
Is it not crazy how some non-voters present themselves in media as a superior political group who are “too smart” for the most fundamental democratic right. Fair enough, I can understand that German general election was not that “exciting” because it was merely about voting for CDU or SPD. Nothing really changed. Is it not all the same? Who actually cares about Europe? My vote is not going to change anything. That is what I had to hear a lot in the last weeks.  
An online-survey of the German newspaper Der Spiegel suggests that about 80% of its reader will go to vote tomorrow, while about 12% do not care or are not interested and about 8% are not sure yet. Other surveys I have seen suggest that only 20% knows who Schulz and Juncker are. Shocking, isn’t it?
Anybody who asserts that the European election tomorrow is not important has not informed him/herself enough about it. This election is going to be a turning point because too many Anti-European parties got popular in the last months.  Most of them are not only against the Euro or the Union itself, some are also racist.
 There is UKIP who wants the UK to quit Europe. The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland = Alternative for Germany) who believes it is possible to kick some member states out of the European monetary union. The Front National in France who wants border controls back and to quit the NATO. These are just some of examples in a really long list.  But even though all these parties have different aims, they have one thing in common: They are against the European Union. Against an united Europe.
I actually believe predictions which say that these parties are going to get enough delegates in the European Parliaments (MEPs) to slow down political process.  Nothing is impossible with these circumstances and that is why you have to realize one thing:
It is the first time that we as citizens have the possibility to have an impact on the European commission president. Yes, you read right. It lies in your hand.  But if you don’t vote, you give your lost vote to these parties. And in the worst case, neither Schulz nor Juncker will become European commission president. It would mean that the EU would not get the chance to become more democratic and would lead to more European dolefulness.
So all you non-voters out there have to understand that not to vote at all is the wrong choice. Every non-voter is giving his/her vote to the Anti-Europe groups, who were minorities and now get more power. Even though if you do not expect much from Europe as no inflation or no border controls so you can go on holiday to Italy,  then please go voting. Just admit that being a part of the EU has many advantages and accept it. I do not want to influence you which party you need to vote, just decide it for yourself. But please go vote.
I hope I could change your opinion.

Mai x

[I'm sorry that I haven't had the time to write this post a bit earlier, but I have a lot to do for exams at the moment ^^"]

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