Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

Understanding each other

Hey, I'm sorry that I have been absent for a while but I was quite busy with school and exams ^^" But my summer holidays start in a month so I will be able to upload more of my articles and poems.
Some weeks ago, I uploaded on deviantart my poem Understanding each other but I haven't done it on my blog yet, so here you go:

Understanding each other

I understand your point of view
I will let you finish, I will
But please before you keep using insults
Just think about the results
Why do we have to fight?
Why arguing all day and night?

I understand your belief in god, I do
A religion is helpful sometimes
to go through really hard lifetimes
But about my disbelief, do you have a clue?
You assume I have no morality
But I still help others with sincerity

You think I have no purpose of life,
Well, I just do not believe in afterlife
I live for the moment, I live for love
You believe there is someone above
Who you cannot see
But always feel
Someone who is with you all day
And shows you the right way

But still we are not so different
We both look for acceptance
And love and peace and independence
Does that not count, in the end?
So please do not see me
As your enemy
We can be friends
How would that be?

I’m sorry that I have interrupted you
Please continue
I want to hear your view

I do

You can find the poem also on deviantart:
So I do not  want to say with my poem that religious people are always have these prejudices against atheist and I also don't want to imply that all atheists share the same belief as me. I also do not want to say I'm an atheists, but what I actually want to say with this poem is:
Arguments and discussions with others are really important, so that we get educated and see others' perspectives. BUT it is also important to accept others' opinions. Instead of insulting each other and living with prejudices, you should listen to others and try to understand them.
You have met an unsymphatic Muslim, well,.. there are dozen of others Muslims who will be nice.
 You had a discussion with a really "aggressive" atheists, well there are also other atheists. 
Don't put everyone in the same nutshell, don't use stereotypes. 
Get to know people, try to understand their beliefs and movements.
I'm neither Christian nor Muslim but I have read parts of the Bible and also parts of the Qu'ran. 
Because I wanted to understand their religion more. It is something different to watch a documentary or read a book about it. Because it will always imply something or has somebody's opinion in it. 
BUT to read different books, watch different documentaries, talk to people, etc.. make it better to understand things.
Maybe you will say "That is too much work".
Well, but is it not worth it?

Maybe I could make you think about some things in life.

Have a nice day

Mai x

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