Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

Right and Wrong

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I'm sorry that I have been absent for a while but I promise to post more often. 
Here is another poem I wrote but the next post will be definetely a newspaper article again :) 

Right and wrong

What is the difference between right and wrong?
Are really all women weak and all men strong?
Does the struggle of equality take too long?

Does it really matter if you are LGBTQ or straight?
Should we not love each other and end this hate?
What is so wrong  and so bad
about having two mams or two dads?
The child can still be raised.
The child can be loved.

So stop to insult and hurt them, please!
Nothing of their life is a disease
Do we not all have emotions?
Are we not all just humans?
Are we deep down not the same?
No matter gender, sexuality, race or name?

Do we not all share an important part?
‘cause we all have a beating heart.

Dedicated to all peope who have to fight for their human rights
I don’t want to my opinion on you but I want you to think about it. What is right and wrong? How do you know that something is right or wrong?

You are welcome to tell you my opinion about it in the comment but also normal comments on my poem are welcome J

Have a nice day :) 

Mai x

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