Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

A New Poem

Hey ♥

I'm sorry for my absence but I have been quite busy in the summer holidays. Well, -- some stuff happened concerning my health and I had to sort it out. Well, I still have to sort it out and school as well. My last school year started and I'm quite nervous tbh ^^" Hahaha, but I will tell you about it another post. 

At first I want to present you a poem I wrote quite a long ago but I only have posted it on deviantart and not here. So here you go: 


At school I have many friends yet I’m lonely
I speak to them every day yet none of them know me
At street I see many humans but no humanity
You all talk about money but not about morality

There is a tear between each smile
Why to pretend that it is fine, my heart?
Hoping it will be just for a while
But I know it is tearing me apart. 

Stop looking at me like I’m the monster
Each of you give my heart another fracture
Happiness, why not able to capture?
I tried and tried and tried again. 

I tried

....I’m tired.

Hope you liked it :) Please leave a comment and I hope you are having a nice day ♥

Mai x

P.S.: Sorry for the short post. My next will be longer. I promise :) 

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